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39 Farewell Message to Colleagues after Resignation

We all have friends in our office who leave. While on the other hand farewell to colleague is the toughest call one will have to make. So one needs to choose the right set of words is very important.

So here are some of the great farewell message when they deserve.

1.Wishing you much cheerfulness and glee as you head towards new beginning of your life.

2. Congratulations! May everyday of your life bloom with success you deserve.

3. It has been an honor working with you. All the very best for your new job at the new office.

4. My token of gratitude for not just being an off the hook colleague, but a companion no one could ever replace. All the very best mate.

5. It will be a hard time without you, working will be next to impossible but a hearty thanks for sweet-sour memories we shared these memories will last forever.

6. You are not just leaving the office where your cubicle will always be felt and left alone forever. You leaving will also create an empty space in my heart. Many congratulations on the new job, will miss you for sure. Hence this leaving message.

7. You became my friend in no time, more than it would have ever taken to become my colleague. Lucky to have worked with you, will miss you and will be hard time for me without you. Stay in touch.

8. It is never the end, your farewell is a brand new beginning in life. I hereby wish you opportunities, success and happiness!!!

9. It is God who have bought you here with all your hard work you have far more to go, May almighty brings success to you.

10. Jokes apart, seriously going to miss you. Best wishes for your new job. Hope to see you soon.

11. Ciao and all the best for the bright future you are going to have. Best of luck and will miss your company.

12. Your resignation may mean the end of your days in company but the memories I have working with you is something that is not going to fade off easily.

13.Hoping all the success you always deserved. Hard for me to say as well as to admit, the way you are going is not where we will together, not this time.

14. It is really a great opportunity for you as it is hard to believe that you are going to leave forever. Hope you stay in touch.

15. Does not matter if you are going to leave work here, let’s keep our friendship and bond which particularly has no end? It will be pleasure to stay in your touch.

16. Congratulations on advancing to the next level of your professional career.

17. Hoping that the new places is full of happiness and fun. Take care and all the best for your future.

18. As you are leaving here mate, I’ll have to get on the lookout for a new partner in crime.

19. The goodbyes that hurt the most are those that are neither said nor explained. Hope to see you soon. It is a goodbye message to coworkers that may help you to say much with less

20. It is for sure you will no longer be my colleague, but our friendship will never see an end. All the best for the new job.

21. Life is all about celebrating the present, moving right ahead and shining bright when it comes to past towards new milestones. Best wishes for the times ahead.

22. And here we are to convey a last and final bye to you. No doubt will miss you a lot. All the very best for the future.

23. It is such an honor for the company to have an associate like you. With your hard work and dedication our company has reached new heights.

24. One of the best professional experiences was having you as a colleague at work in my career. Farewell.

25. It was great working with you as it will be a highlight of my time in our company. Congrats on the new job, new role and new company.

26. The time is going to be real slow in the office without you. It will be a real blunder us all missing you as a wonderful colleague. Best of luck for future endeavors.

27. Working with you has taught me a lot and in the past few years I have learned this about you that you will reach a milestone on your new role in the new organization. Mate, hearty thanks and farewell.

28. Letting you go is the only reason so that I could meet you once again in the crossroads of life. Farewell, do well my mate.

29. Performance appraisals and monthly targets are going to pass by like the passing clouds, the memories are however never going to be forgotten as working with you was a wonderful experience.

30. Have a successful life ahead and May you come across the most appropriate path that may help you head towards the life you are dreaming of.

31. I apologize for all the times unknowingly I hurt you and your feelings. Ciao my friend, till the time we meet again.

32. As it is painful for me to say a goodbye, there waits for you a new beginning of your professional career.

33. Hope nothing stops you and nothing tires you and remember stop only when you are done not when you are tired. No matter what happens keep heading forward.

34. Hope that the future you are looking g forward to is as bright as afternoon’s sun. Make sure you give it your best and never back down. Let the world come forward and realize that you are the best. Success and fame awaits you, soar high. Good luck!

35. It is a mere goodbye note. As and when you are stepping into a new future. Hope that success and luck always is with you.

36. So long my dear friend. Keep in touch. Will miss the great times we had in the company.

37. Feel very lucky to come across a person who is difficult for me to bid farewell.

38. You not being around is going g to be a tough time for me. Spread you wings, mate fly really high and wish you all the best and all of your dreams may come true.

39. Hoping the next place brings you not only opportunities but a lot of success and have all the fun while you can as you have worked really hard for what you are here.


Here above mentioned are some of the best goodbye message to co workers. Bidding a farewell to coworker is tough so it should be done with appropriate words.

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