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Some Great Confirmation Card Sayings

Knowing a little more about card sayings:-

Still thinking What to write in a confirmation card? Being moved and completely inspired in the walk of life with Almighty stands as one of the most important occurrence one will need as an eagerly needed bond. Coming across the most appropriate words with an intention to share love and power of Jesus Christ is just another way with which your Christian mate could be united with Almighty.

Let us all take a look at some really awesome confirmation card sayings that can help you keep going while motivating you.

(1) “As at present you are affirmed, a particular ratification devotion one may always be aware of the abundance of God’s protection throughout the good and bad days that come by and leave. While the belief you possess and devotedly pretend be a abiding fountainhead of both strength and help along with cheerfulness!

Bless you!”

(2) “An accreditation prayer for you. May you always be accompanied by God in the good and bad days. And in his very own unique way of loving and caring he will therefore shower his countless blessings on the day of confirmation sayings. A hearty congratulation and best wishes.”

(3) “As you are affirmed. May it eternally adorn Jesus as he adorns you back. He not only loves you but have faith in him. And also pray to Christ, have blessings on you two for a period of lifetime. . Very carefully listen to him what he wants to say to you, invite him and ask him to help you with your dreams. Commemorate with him and be thankful to him and have a firm belief in him and benefit from his wisdom.”

(4) “Question, and he will grant you whatever you are looking for may you not only come across it but find it as well. There will be a knock at a door and the door for you will be opened. Crave your satisfaction as God will guide you in such a manner that you will come across new opportunities. These new opportunities will deliver what you have been looking for all these years, They will be quite helpful in order for growing, learning and discovering what we also known as God’s master plan for your life”. Congrats!!!

(5) “Courtesies on the confirmation messages day. As the sun has been brightening up the skies for the world for centuries, likewise the God’s greatness will enlighten your understanding and make it even precise. On the other hand evaluation to the days of your life will be enhanced. May god bless you on the confirmation wishes habitually”

(6) “God have his blessings on you! With eternal faith- this is truly a gift from the God with the word and water-where sin is drowned. Try to stay as much as one can below the roof of the Holy church and stay away from the non-believers. Succour our trinity God with cherishing moments. When all the believers of the vows taken by Father, you will be gifted with a surprising present from Lord Jesus.”

(7) “At the Lord’s Supper table, may the Jesus Christ help you make the bond and faith grow stronger that Lord Jesus is the only one who has the power to keep you away from sin” Among the ideal confirmation messages

(8) “Confirmation, May the blessings you seek from Jesus Christ on this auspicious day come true. Congratulations” Is yet another confirmation card message.

(9) “Congratulation on your vindication. May the Lord with all his good deeds make this day a very special one for you with true glee and hope that you always may have sweet and joyous memories on the confirmation day while allow it so that the belief be a mentor. Congratulations on the best wishes.” The perfect confirmation words of engagement.

(10) “Only for you on your affirmation. The grace of the gods universe, the usher of his hand and caring wisdom of his golden words make your heart fill with light like the way and every day till today. Best wishes on your confirmation”

(11) “Allow your belief to shine and shine so bright that it may push away all the darkness that your friends, family and anyone else you come across can see Jesus with that enlightenment and bright light endowed by Jesus”

(12) “May the Holy Lord provide you with tons and tons of his blessings on this confirmation blessing day, and the love and care of the Holy lord stay deep in your heart and be with you the long way for the whole life. Congratulation and Best Wishes”

(13) “Confirmation Greetings,Hoping that the merciful and loving almighty throughout the word and the free presents of the Holy Spirit, enhance and grow your faith that is loved the most and is most precious to your Lord”

(14) “May you come across comfort and joy in Jesus, comprehen from this holy order to love others and him-so that he can carry the cross with utmost patience and joy till the last day throughout. He is the one who live and triumphs with the Holy lord and Spirit of Lord, God is one, now and always has been.”

(15) “On this auspicious day, what we pray is that you always may be able to recall that Jesus always loves you and will continue to love you no matter what”

(16) “You would be richly blessed on the confirmation day. It is a time which will profess the faith in Lord, in order to pledge him your love and to make a promise to be by him and serve him wholeheartedly for the whole life. Confirmation Congratulations”

(17) “The card is conveyed from us to you with a view that is not only filled with love today but for the many forthcoming years and have a wonderful day and time on your Christening Day.”

(18) “To commemorate your accreditation. As your are remembered with your true faith in Lord Jesus, never forget that he will never leave you alone, guiding you in the enlightenment of his amazing love”


When in mid of such an auspicious day as and when receiving holy orders (Sacrament) of confirmation blessing can be a tough call to come across the right present for an individual. The ideal ones are those which will help to enhance and boost relationship and knowledge with Holy lord.

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